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Nintendo DS ideas

I was thinking today. While I'm not a sports fan, I think the Nintendo DS could be a good system for certain sports genres. Imagine a game like football that doesn't use the touch features of the DS until you pick your play. With the DS you could actually draw your own plays. Then you could play the game like any other football game.

Another idea would include a web browser cartridge that connects to a wifi (802.11) network and you can surf the net and use the stylus like one would a mouse. Would be cool to have Mozilla DS. I hear they are actually working on something like this though.

I'm going to get a DS eventually. Then I'll give or sell my Gameboy Advance to my sister. My only problem is the fact it wont play Gameboy or Gameboy color games. I'll have to pick up a Gameboy Color to play my old games. Who knows maybe somewhere down the line someone will make an adapter to play them on the DS.