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Nerdy things (Part 1)

The other day I showed my friend Andrew, a pic of the possible Wanda Maximoff from the new X-Men flick. If it is her, shes obviously not Pietro's twin like they are in the comic. He said technically he would age faster because he moves faster.

Last night someone was talking on an MMO I play (Marvel Heroes), someone mentioned almost the same thing.

I'm gonna get a bit nerdy for a second.

First, he moves very fast. Einstein wrote about objects in motion and time distortion. He would be moving very fast and time would be moving faster for everything around him. So even if he aged faster, the rest of the world would age a little faster because of his speed. However he doesn't seem to move at a significant portion of light speed so one would assume he would age just a tiny bit faster.

That brings me to the second thing, I don't remember any of the comics saying he ages faster because he's faster. If anything because of the above comments, he should be younger than everyone else, even his sister.

This all could be applied to the Flash as well.

But all this thinking could be in vain because comic physics don't match up with real world physics.