Monosyllabic Manifesto


The Vintage Gamers

I've known my friend Sam since 1998. I wanted to do a website that I could run with someone else, that way it wasn't only me doing the content. We both settled on retro video games.

Templates For All

I started Templates For All in 2002 under the name of Designers Block. I originally created the site as a place to give away website templates that I created as a hobby. I haven't done much with the site in recent years.

The Gatecast

I was talking to my friend Alan over in Ireland about wanting to do a podcast. We decided we were going to do a Stargate podcast and do a show about each episode. After a few episodes I had to end it due to scheduling conflicts. Alan found a new host and continued. I no longer have involvement in the site or the show, though the still use much of the original site.